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♦ WNC regularly adjusts employee salaries to ensure reasonable compensation for colleagues as well as to retain and attract talented employees. Employees and departments with good performance are eligible for various bonuses and reward systems.


Complete plans for comprehensive protection of WNC employees
WNC provides complete plans based on regulations to better secure employees and their family.

♦ Group Insurance

1) Life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance
2) Hospitalization insurance for employees and their spouses, children, and parents
3) Employees’ insurance costs are paid by WNC, while their family’s insurance costs are paid by employees. Employees can choose to pay for increased insurance protection.
When insurance claims need to be submitted, HR will prepare the application form and help deliver the required documents to the insurance agency.

♦ Labor Pension

Based on governmental regulations, WNC contributes 6% of an employee’s salaryto their pension account. Employees can contribute an additional amount up to 6% of their salary the same pension account.

♦ National Health Insurance

National health insurance provides medical protection when employees seek medical care in contracted clinics and hospitals.

♦ Labor Insurance

Labor insurance provides compensation for conditions such as giving birth, injury, illness, disability, death, old age, status as a “missing person”, occupational diseases, and health examinations for occupational disease prevention.

Employee Leave

Two-day weekends/ annual leave/ paternity leave/ family leave/ menstruation leave/ parental leave

♦ Annual Leave Schedule:

More than 1 year of service and less than 3 years: 7 days
More than 3 years of service and less than 5 years: 10 days
More than 5 years of service and less than 10 years: 14 days
More than 10 years: In addition to the 14 days, 1 more day will be added per year until reaching the maximum annual leave amount of 30 days.

♦ Paternity Leave:

Fathers are entitled to a 3-day paternity leave with pay for the birth of their children.

♦ Family Leave:

Employees are entitled to 7 days of family leave per year when a family member receives vaccinations or when a family member has a serious health condition and extra care is required. The 7 days are counted the total 14 days allotted for yearly personal leave.

♦ Menstruation Leave:

Female employees that find difficulty working due to their menstrual condition are entitled to apply for a 1-day leave per month.

♦ Parental Leave:

An employee in the company for at least 1 year is entitled to apply for unpaid parental leave before his or her child is 3 years old. However, only the employee or his/her spouse is allowed to apply for parental leave.