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Talent and human capital is the most important element in companies; WNC cherishes this and promises to comply with social-responsibility-related regulations, labor laws, and national acts such as the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and adhere to principles of respect for human rights and employing appropriate talent for corresponding positions. We will:

  • Not consider an individual’s gender, age, ethnic background, religion, or political affiliation as an advantage or disadvantage during evaluation,
  • Check, adjust, and formulate a reward distribution system that is competitive across the industry, and
  • Commit to establishing a credible, healthy, and safe operational environment by performing internal OHSAS 18001 audits and verification by a third party at fixed intervals annually to ensure the workplace security and sanitary conditions meet international standards.

In addition to promote human rights and policy in the freshman training and new manager training courses, we also check the actual condition of child labor, underage labor, forced labor, sexual harassment, labor relations and expressing free will issues non-periodically according to customer’s requests.


Recruitment and Employment

Employees are the key assets of a company. WNC follows recruitment principles of “respect for human rights” and “employing people according to their abilities”. WNC’s entire recruitment process conforms to labor regulations and gender-equality guidelines. Professional ability is the key factor in our recruitment processes. We will not consider an individual’s gender, age, ethnic background, religion, or political affiliation as an advantage or disadvantage during evaluation.

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Official Employees in Taiwan Sites
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Overall Remuneration


WNC regularly adjusts employee salaries to ensure reasonable compensation for colleagues as well as to retain and attract talented employees. Taking into consideration other factors including stockholder rights and interests, quality of life of employees, and sustainable development of the company, employee wages are also regularly adjusted according to current price levels, market supply/demand status, average salary levels in the industry, and local laws/regulations.

Ratio of WNC New Employee’s Average Starting SalaryNote 1


Training and Development

WNC values the importance of recruiting fully qualified employees and pays special attention to improving the skills and general knowledge of colleagues. Based on this concept and the central principle of growth, innovation, and cooperation, employees are provided with job function enhancement training programs, key competencies enhancement programs, and supervisory and leadership training. Recruitment activities held by WNC global sites and branches are run in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Average Training Hours of WNC IDL Employees by Level and Gender in 2016(Unit: Hour)


Employee Care

WNC values the health of safety of all employees and has worked to establish a safe and healthy working environment. Besides establishing ESH policies, WNC carries out a broad range of risk assessments on work environments and manages changes in the production system to review the operations of the occupational safety and health system.