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Multimedia Highlights

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects the positive way in which WNC interacts with the community, society as a whole and all of its stakeholders.

WNC Good Food Movement   Tunan Elementary School Renovation Documentary Film
The “Good Food Movement—Everyday is a Healthy Day” stemmed from the desire to care for our employees; therefore, the vegetables that the catering companies use are all organic produce provided by independent farmers. The Good Food Movement is established to help provide a healthy diet for employees.   WNC employees raised funds for the Tunan Elementary School’s development project and invited our suppliers to join in the renovation of the campus and the dormitory to build an environment that fosters learning.
Storytelling at Tunan Elementary School    
WNC and the Book Republic organized a book fair, and part of the proceeds was donated for inviting a well-known children’s book author for a story-telling session at Tunan Elementary School. The activity is intended to spark children’s interest and motivation in reading.