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CSR Achievements

A Message from the Chairman

Haydn Hsieh


In 2017, WNC was ranked among the top 50 in the “Large Enterprises” group for Excellence in CSR by the CommonWealth Magazine Group. We also won the Service of Social Innovation Purchase Reward Program (First Prize) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, rated in the top 20% among all Taiwan publicly traded companies in the Corporate Governance Evaluation, and was honored with the Gold Medal of the "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Award" in Electronic Information Engineering. For technology development and product innovation, we won the Hsinchu Science Park “R&D Accomplishment Award," “Innovative Product Award,” and the "Award for International Trade—Contribution to Primary Market Expansion Award."

As our business expands, we are cognizant that society is raising its expectations for companies in terms of their information disclosure, integrity, environmental protection, and participation in society. We aspire to use available resources in a reasonable manner to ensure that our objectives are consistent with our company’s long-term operational strategies. While we enhance the company’s core capabilities and meet stakeholders’ expectations, we want to work hand-in-hand with our partners to create an even higher standard of values. As a result, we have committed to the following as our long-term objectives to continue to fulfill our social responsibility as a conscientious corporate citizen:

  • Consolidating core competitiveness and creating multiple balanced values for all stakeholders
  • Creating workplaces and corporate governance systems of optimal quality
  • Building green factories, achieving our goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and expanding the use of renewable energy
  • Creating sustainable operations and value chains with our customers and suppliers
  • Supporting the education of disadvantaged children and expanding their opportunities for study and development.


2017 WNC CSR Achievements

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