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Investor Relations
2017.08.09 Announcement on the resolution of the sixth meeting of the BOD in 2017
2017.08.08 July 2017 Sales Report
2017.07.12 Announcement of the record date for the distribution of cash dividends and stock dividends
2017.07.12 Resolution of the BOD on the adjustment of the ratio of stock dividends and cash dividends for 2016 earnings distributions
2017.07.12 Announcement on behalf of the BOD of NeWeb Holding Corporation, a major subsidiary of WNC, of their resolution to increase capital by issuing new shares
2017.07.12 Announcement on the Resolution of the BOD on the cancellation of restricted stock awards to recover capital for the completion of registration
2017.07.12 Announcement on the BOD’s appointment of the third Remuneration Committee members

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