WNC honored with the Top 50–Platinum Medal at the 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards
WNC | 2018-11-22 13:02:47

Hsinchu, Taiwan—November 22, 2018—The Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability held the 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) Ceremony at The Grand Hotel Taipei today. WNC is proud to announce that it is among the companies who were awarded the Top 50Platinum Medal in the Corporate Sustainability Report Awards category. This marks the fifth consecutive year that WNC has received recognition at the TCSA.The Academyassessed the 2017 WNC corporate sustainability/CSR reportand webpage information according to criteria such as information disclosure completeness, credibility, and communication efficacy.


WNC places a heavy emphasis on sustainable development and social responsibility practices, focusing not only on making the company’s systems more complete through establishing and enhancing management systems, and reviewing/improving its supply chain management system, but also on realizing labor-rights protection, product liability responsiveness, environmental protection, and safe daily operations. Starting in 2012, WNC began to publish its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, the contents of which conform to the international standards of the GRI Sustainability reporting guidelines. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report discloses WNC’s operations as well as its commitment and performance in non-financial aspects, such as environmental protection and social participation, to all stakeholders. The 2017 WNC Corporate Social Responsibility Report details some of the year’s more substantial accomplishments achieved through WNC’s corporate social responsibility practices. These include strengthening corporate governance mechanisms, implementing the "WNC Employee Assistance Program," building a friendly workplace, expanding the cooperation and enrollment of "WNC Industry-University Cooperative Project Classes" with universities to cultivate talent in diverse fields of expertise, and commencing operations of the solar power stations built at WNC’s Taiwan and China sites. Demonstrating its commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, WNC has implemented automation equipment and energy monitoring systems to build a smart factory. WNC has also supported university student service clubs and education for students at remote schools, cooperated with its vendors to renovate a school campus, and raised special funds for these remote schools to develop featured education on aspects of aboriginal culture and to participate in competitions with other schools.


Over the past eleven years, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has been hosting the TCSA and organizing workshops related to corporate sustainability. WNC has made good use of such exchanges and observation platforms for its benchmarking efforts, and strives to incorporate international trends and industry requirements in its business strategies. Moving forward, WNC will continue to do the right things better. Moreover, WNC will set sustainable development as a prime objective, sparing no effort to excel in every aspect to create prosperity for all stakeholders. Employing strategies that create value, WNC will pursue this objective in a mutually sustainable manner by continuing to focus on innovation, openness, and diverse thinking.


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