WNC Showcases the Infinite Possibilities of High-Speed 5G Networks at CES 2020
| 2020-01-02 11:43:11

Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 2, 2020—Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC) will showcase solutions addressing the rapidly evolving needs of consumers, enterprises, industrial businesses and service providers. WNC’s 5G solutions facilitate the creation of smart cities, the development of 5G telecommunications, and the provisioning of services for the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Vehicles (IoV). WNC’s theme for CES2020 is Your 5G Partner – Innovating for the Future. WNC’s booth at CES2020 isLVCC South Hall #20620


5G mmWave Repeater

5G technologies and applications are entering the commercial phase in many countries. WNC is collaborating with the world’s leading chip suppliers and tier-1 operators to develop indoor and outdoor 5G mmWave broadband products. WNC has developed a 5G mmWave Repeater to improve high frequency RF coverage for mobile applications. This advanced, highly integrated product was designed to satisfy 5G consumers by providing fast Internet access, improved 5G signal coverage and better stability.


Open Telecom Infrastructure

With the advent of open network architecture, WNC is leading the charge with software-defined end-to-end infrastructure solutions that are accelerating 5G network deployments today while addressing requirements for future expansion.


Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh

To meet the ever-increasing demand created by the proliferation of mobile devices for high-quality streaming, on-demand video, and VR/AR applications, WNC has released a high-performance Wi-Fi Mesh router that supports multiple wireless access protocols, including 5G Sub-6 GHz or 60 GHz 11ay, with an intelligent antenna design and advanced software that increase Wi-Fi coverage and eliminate dead zones.


C-V2X Road Trials

WNC has spent the last year developing and deploying C-V2X Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) hardware for worldwide Smart City trials in close collaboration with automobile manufacturers. This hardware includes a module specifically designed for automotive control units, mPCIe cards designed for Road Side Units (RSU) and complete turnkey Telematics Control Units (TCU).WNC’s C-V2X module utilizes a miniaturized LGA design and provides low-latency data transmission, improves automotive safety and meets stringent requirements set for emergency applications.


Smart Tracking

For IoT applications, WNC’s Smart Tracking Solution (STS) streamlines connectivity to mobile communication networks and management platforms through Bluetooth® positioning and tracking, or with RFID labels in conjunction with a Sub-1 GHz low-frequency wide-area communication gateway.



WNC's Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology has played a key role in fulfilling compact antenna design requirements for smaller and lighter terminal devices. This technology is compatible with multi-injection molding techniques and 3D circuit layouts (3D-SMT) featuring circuits, components, or modules on the same substrate, become possible. The flexibility we provide will allow device designers to create various future IoT products bound only by their imagination rather than by technological limitations.


5G, next-generation broadband networks, smart homes, and applications for the IoV and IoT require secure, reliable, and fast network access solutions. Over the years, WNC has been a trusted partner to tier-1 operators in communication technology development and integration, mass production, and global deployment, enabling the company stay the leader in a wide spectrum of technologies’ including millimeter wave high-frequency communications and IoT/IoV. Visit the WNC exhibition booth at the 2020 CES and witness the infinite possibilities of 5G.


WNC booth location: LVCC South Hall #20620

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WNC NeWeb Corporation (WNC) specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge communications products. WNC’s technical expertise ranges across various applications from broadband, broadcasting, multimedia, and the IoT to wireline and wireless communications, with a product portfolio covering solutions in network communications, digital home products, satellite broadcasting, and intelligent driver assistance systems. For more information, please visit: http://www.wnc.com.tw.


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