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Stakeholder Engagement


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Stakeholders Contact

Marketing and Corp. Communication Div., Associate Vice President
Molly Lin
Tel: +886-3-6667799
Email: molly.lin@wnc.com.tw

CSR-related Issues


Integrity-related Issues

If you have any questions or suggestions about WNC’s CSR policy and implementation, please contact us at public@wnc.com.tw   If you find any instances of improper advantage or violation of business ethics by a WNC employee, supplier, or partner, please contact us at WNC.integrity@wnc.com.tw. Your personal information will be handled with the strictest of confidence.

Reporting and Handling Procedure

WNC established the wnc.integrity@wnc.com.tw email channel for employees and all pertinent parties to file complaints and report violations in a named or anonymous manner. The Human Resources Administration Division and Legal & IP Center are tasked with establishing a task force to be in charge of handling reports and performing investigations. The reporting procedures are described briefly as follows:

  • Personnel shall, in a named or anonymous manner, report the issue and provide relevant information;
  • The task force should act within seven days after receiving a report and shall complete a report of the investigation within one month. For serious cases, the report may be submitted within two months.
  • After completing the investigation, the task force shall propose measures to address the issue to the CEO of WNC for a final decision. The task force will notify the reporting party of the conclusions following the decision of the CEO.
  • WNC shall ensure that the identities of the reporting parties are kept secret and that they are not open to retaliation.
  • WNC will not terminate or transfer any employee or affect any other unfavorable result due to their reporting an issue unless that employee or supplier has violated the law.
  • Task force members and related members participating in the investigation shall ensure and maintain the confidentiality of the event throughout the entire investigation.
  • The task force shall record the method of resolution in written form, and it shall be sealed and placed in any relevant personnel file for five years.


Communication with Stakeholders

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