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Employee career development plans at WNC

WNC’s training strategy is developed based on company policies and organizational strategies. While also taking individual employees’ abilities into consideration, a customized training program is then proposed to enhance their specialties.


A systematic training and development structure is established to implement WNC’s training strategy. In addition to enhancing employees’ specialties, the structure provides diverse learning methods, talent development, and activities where participants share their technological knowledge, helping WNC’s team members strengthen their overall abilities and allow the company to achieve greater goals.


Worldwide Learning System

In addition to the “WNC Colleges”, there are also modularized courses and E-learning systems for enhancing employee specialties and abilities.

WNC Colleges:

“WNC Colleges” are designed based on five categories to gradually develop the comprehensive abilities of WNC employees.

Other Learning Systems:

In addition to the face-to-face courses of the “WNC Colleges”, there are also modularized courses for systematic learning and the E-learning system that deliver learning resources to WNC employees worldwide.



Diverse Methods

Take advantage of the diversified training methods: WNC’s training system provides you with multiple learning methods. Arrange your learning schedule according to different scenarios.

Learning Methods:

Classroom Learning: Internal/external courses, reading clubs, departmental internal training, supervisor’s lectures, project-team establishment, business and technology research, and voluntary learning by employees


The “E-learning” system provides various online courses for employees to learn at any time and in any location.


Dynamic People Development

A complete personal development plan for your career: Through the diverse training methods and your personal development plan, we assist you in developing the specialty most suitable for you.


Learning in All Aspects

Continued strengthening of our own specialties, taking up social responsibilities, and learning from experiences and challenges cooperating with suppliers and customers: at WNC not only do we enhance our knowledge of technology from the products that we develop, but we also grow from our experiences requesting suppliers to comply with our social-responsibility and ethics policies. This growth also helps us provide better products and services to our customers.