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WNC regularly reviews and adjusts employee salaries to ensure reasonable compensation for colleagues as well as to retain and attract talented employees. Employees and departments with good performance are eligible for various bonuses including holiday bonuses, performance bonuses, and employee remuneration.


WNC provides complete plans for labor insurance/national health insurance/group insurance based on regulations for the comprehensive protection of WNC employees.

Employee Leave

Two-day weekends/annual leave/paternity leave/family leave/menstruation leave/parental leave/annual leave systems superior to those required by the Labor Standards Act

Health and Leisure

In addition to various kinds of company-wide events such as the year-end banquet, family day, garden party, sports day, Christmas party, and group travel, WNC encourages employees to participate in its miscellaneous activity clubs.

WNC is the first company in the Hsinchu Science Park to offer healthy meals prepared with organic vegetables. We exercise our social responsibly in the aspects of “taking care of employees’ health conditions, “supporting environmentally friendly vendors”, and “fostering disadvantaged farmers”.


Female employees during their pregnancy or employees whose wife is pregnant are eligible to apply for the “Goodie Bag for WNC Moms”. The bag contains a pregnancy guidebook, organic cotton clothing for the newborn, and a multi-purpose bag.

Pension System

For the benefit of employees after their retirement, WNC’s Taiwan sites have established regulations regarding employee retirement in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. These regulations cover retirement conditions and the payment standards, procedures used to apply for pension, and payment of pensions. Besides providing six percent of an employee’s monthly wage as pension for eligible employees as per the Labor Pension Act, WNC has also established a supervisory committee overseeing the employees’ pension fund in accordance with the law, which allocates pensions for retired employees according to our regulations on the appropriation and management of employee pensions, and deposits funds at a designated financial agency, in an account under the name of the Employee Pension Supervisory Committee. WNC sites in China provide 20% of an employee’s monthly wage each month as pension for eligible employees as per related labor and social insurance laws of the People’s Republic of China.