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2021.01.05 WNC’s CSR performance in 2020 rated Platinum Medal by EcoVadis
2020.11.18 WNC honored to be recognized in the Platinum Medal at the 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards
2020.09.29 WNC wins People Development Excellence award in the 2020 SGS CSR Awards
2020.08.26 WNC awarded CommonWealth Top 50 Large Enterprises in the 2020 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award.
2020.07.15 A new video “NTHU Leadership Talent Development Program” is available in the Multimedia Highlights section. Click here to watch.
2020.06.30 Issuance of the WNC 2019 CSR Report
2019.12.10 Ministry of Economic Affairs, Buying Power: Social Innovation Products and Services Procurement Reward Program—Silver Award

CSR Evaluation Results

  • Platinum Medal at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards
  • EcoVadis Platinum Medal in CSR
  • Top 50 in the Large Enterprises Group for Excellence in CSR by CommonWealth Magazine
  • WNC has been included as a component of the "TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index" by the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE).

Our Vision for Sustainability

A Message from the Chairman

In step with the rapid expansion in global sales and number of operational sites, as well as the uncertainties created by political, economic and environmental factors, we deeply understand that our stakeholders have higher and higher expectations with regards to information disclosure, integrity of governance, environmental protection actions, and our reinvestment in society. In order to ensure consistency in our long-term operational strategies and objectives we will appropriately utilize internal resources of the company to meet the expectations of stakeholders, while following the principle of materiality. We will continue to exercise our corporate social responsibilities as a corporate citizen in the pursuit of the following long term goals:

  • Creating an outstanding work environment and corporate governance mechanism
  • Consolidating core competitive strengths so as to generate diverse and balanced value for all stakeholders
  • Creating green manufacturing facilities in order to reduce greenhouse gases and increase adoption of renewable energy
  • Establishing a sustainable operations value chain with customers and suppliers
  • Supporting the education of disadvantaged students in order to expand their learning and development opportunities

At the end of 2019 a novel coronavirus that would lead to the current COVID-19 epidemic was first seen in Wuhan, Hubei province, and would quickly spread throughout China. During the 2020 Chinese New Year the virus spread rapidly as people returned to their ancestral homes, massively impacting China and surrounding countries in terms of human resources, logistics, transportation, production and commercial activity, not to mention the large numbers of lives lost. Across WNC sites, in addition to the implementation of a range of prioritized epidemic prevention measures with the aim of ensuring the health and safety of all workers and of all work environments,across our three manufacturing locations (China, Taiwan, Vietnam) and through close cooperation between all functional units, we have continuously provided customers with reasonable and appropriate response measures so that disruption to operations or supply chains is minimized. We believe that the economic barriers brought about by continuing international trade conflicts and geopolitics, and the supply chain reorganizations necessitated by large-scale natural disasters and serious epidemics, will test industry ever more severely, even to the point of necessitating transformation of business and operational modes and the lifestyles and work modes of the ordinary person. In this Internet of Everything era of high fusion of software and hardware and high integration of virtual and actual worlds, WNC's R&D capabilities, applied to new technologies such as 5G and AI, can help accelerate the optimization and proliferation of many types of communication mechanisms. WNC's operational flexibility and resilience means we can continue to pursue our core values of fundamentals advocacy, teamwork, customer focus and value creation so as to deliver to customers high quality and reliable products and services.

In the face of so many market uncertainties and unforeseeable emerging global risks, in addition to the development of new products and new technologies focused on broadband access, smart homes, industry supply chain networks and smart transportation, continuing optimization of operational processes, production capabilities and quality enhancement, from 2020 WNC will put all its efforts into a digital transformation project, which will boost operational efficiency and supply flexibility, allowing a more dynamic response capacity and supporting overall planning and development of global sales. At the same time by pro-active product portfolio transformation product mix will be improved and profitability boosted. As a corporate citizen WNC hopes to effectively exert a positive impact on economic, environmental and social aspects and also hopes all stakeholders can continue to offer up constructive suggestions and feedback so we can together create a healthy, safe and harmonious living environment.


Sustainable Goals and Results

Long-term goals

Short-term Goals

Execution Results in 2019

Create high quality workplaces and corporate governance systems

  • Independent board members do not serve for more than three terms.
  • The number of independent board members exceeds the number stipulated by law.
  • At least one board member is female.
  • Rated in the top 20% among all companies in the Corporate Governance Evaluation.
  • A total of nine BOD members were elected one of whom is female.
  • Included as a component of the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index and the Taiwan High Salary 100 Index.
  • Achieve zero major occupational accidents.
  • Achieved the goal of zero major occupational accidents.
  • Have zero cases of regulatory violations and major lawsuits (referring to lawsuits exceeding NT$2,000,000 in amount or related to product trading)
  • Achieved the goal of zero cases of regulatory violations and major lawsuits.
  • The completion rate for the WNC Ethics and Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct online course was 100%.
  • All managers and employees who are prone to integrity lapses answered the annual self-evaluation questionnaire on the Code of Ethical Conduct.

Build green factories, achieve our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and expand the use of renewable energy

Renewable energy

  • Generate 5.0 GWh of solar power from 2019 to 2022.
  • A total of 1.8 GWh of electricity was generated from solar power in 2019, or approximately 1,090 tonnes of CO2e was reduced. The annual power generation equates to a carbon absorption capacity of approximately 2.8 times that of Daan Forest Park.

Greenhouse gases

  • Reduce total Scope 2 GHG emissions of each unit (tonnes of CO2e/revenues in millions of NT$) by 5% in 2022.
  • Total Scope 2 GHG emission intensity for 2019 decreased by 14.3% compared to 2016, which is an achievement rate of 143%.


  • Taiwan sites: Reduce energy consumption per million NT of business revenue (unit: GJ/NT$ million) by 2% in 2020 (base year: 2019).
  • China sites: Reduce energy consumption by 2% in 2020 (base year: 2019).
  • Implemented energy conservation measures and the electricity saved was 1.13% of the total electricity consumption, or about NT$ 2.77 million in electricity use.

Water resources

  • Taiwan sites: Reduce water withdrawal per million NT of business revenue (cubic meters/NT$ million) by 5% in 2021 (base year: 2019).
  • China sites: Reduce water withdrawal by 2% in 2020 (base year: 2019).
  • Implemented water conservation and recycling programs. The saved and recycled water made up approximately 14.8% of the total water withdrawn by WNC, which saved about NT$ 5.18 million in water withdrawal costs.


  • Achieve waste recycling rate of 81% and 84% for WNC’s sites in Taiwan and China respectively in 2020.
  • Taiwan sites: Obtained a waste recycling rate of 83%.
  • China sites: Waste generation density (tonnes/NT$ million) was reduced by 12.6%.

Create sustainable operations and value chains with our customers and suppliers

  • Complete the CSR audit for 50 suppliers in 2020.
  • 76 new suppliers responded to the "Supplier CSR Investigation Plan."
  • 64 suppliers have completed the WNC Supplier CSR audit.
  • Obtained a 91.5% response rate in the conflict minerals investigation.
  • Obtain a customer satisfaction score of 90.
  • Obtained a customer satisfaction score of 94.

Support the education of disadvantaged children and expand their study and development opportunities

  • Enroll 60 more students for the WNC Industry-academia Partnership Project classes in 2020.
  • Expand the scope of cooperation with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in Miaoli in supporting children from remote locations.
  • Worked with the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) to provide students with on-the-job training opportunities. A total of 113 students are recruited as of 2019.
  • Worked with the Miaoli Taiwan Fund for Families and Children and solicited 100 employees to sponsor students in remote areas in Miaoli to donate a total of NT$300.000.