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Participation in Society

WNC organized a series of social welfare projects and activities based on the themes of providing opportunities for education and assisting disadvantaged groups. WNC’s employees, customers, and suppliers were invited to take part.

Assisting University Service Clubs

To encourage college students to apply their knowledge to serve and care for people, serve as volunteers, and further uphold the value of caring for society, WNC provides long-term subsidies for student clubs at the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). Through its cooperation with the NTHU Aboriginal Culture Club, the NTHU Science Promotion Club, the NTHU WHYOU Club, the NCKU Social Service Team, the NCKU Philanthropy Club, and the NCKU Students Service Club, WNC helps college students promote after-school assistance and science education for children from remote areas in Taiwan or from disadvantaged groups. These clubs also offer services for socio-economically disadvantaged members of the elderly, children, and disabled people.

Teaching activities conducted by the NTHU
Aboriginal Culture Club

NCKU Philanthropy Club
camp activity

Rural Featured Education Development

WNC is concerned for disadvantaged children and understands the importance of developing rural education. Since 2013, WNC has assisted Tunan Elementary School in rural Jianshih Township in Hsinchu County to develop their education on aspects of aboriginal culture, including developing their talents in Judo, chorus, and archery. In June 2017, WNC’s social care program started providing support to Siang Bi Elementary School in Miaoli County to help the school develop archery education, which will enable traditional Atayal hunting and archery culture to be passed on to future generations and facilitate the cultivation of young archery talent.


WNC also extends its helping hands to disadvantaged children in remote areas to provide them with an environment conducive to their education. Working with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in Miaoli in mid-2019, WNC solicited 100 employees to sponsor 56 students in remote areas.

Dance performance by Tunan Elementary
School students

A member of the Siang Bi Elementary
School archery team

Assisting Social Welfare Groups

Charity Fundraising

WNC encourages employees to help those in need and donate to charity. For example, instead of choosing to receive company gift certificates or gifts to commemorate the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, employees may choose to donate an amount equal to the value of the aforementioned company gift certificates or gifts to charity. The money thus donated are given to the NTHU Science Service Club, the NTHU WHYOU Club, the NTHU Aboriginal Culture Club, the NCKU Social Service Team, the NCKU Philanthropy Club, the NCKU Students Service Club, the Tunan Elementary School in Jianshih Township, and the Siang Bi Elementary School in Miaoli County were also beneficiaries of the generosity of WNC employees. In 2019, WNC and WNC employees donated a combined NT$1,420,000, with employees contributing NT$821,570.

Funds raised for public welfare in WNC's
sites in Taiwan in the past three years
(unit: thousand NT$)
650 820 920 300 450 500 2017 2018 2019 Rural Featured Education University Service Clubs

WNC Goods Sharing Platform

The WNC Goods Sharing Platform, which was launched in 2017, gives WNC employees opportunities to help protect the environment, promote item reuse, and donate second-hand goods to those in need. In 2019, the Employee Relations Department organized two donation drives to donate items to schools in remote areas, charity organizations, and other colleagues. The items donated are listed below:

Charity Sales Events

Charity Day Sale: WNC designated the fifth of each month to hold the WNC Charity Day Sale. On this day, a charity organization invited by the Employee Relations Department holds a charity sale at WNC headquarters, S1 and S2, and employees are encouraged to shop at the sale to support charity. In 2019, sixteen charity organizations participated in the WNC Charity Sale and had a combined sales revenue of NT$192,652.

Themed Charity Sales: WNC organized charity sale events celebrating Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, to which the charity organizations listed below were invited. The combined sales revenue of the events was NT$81,307.

Charity Sale Events at WNC (Taiwan) in 2019

Event Type

Participating Charities

Revenue (NT$)

Charity Day Sale

Social Welfare Organizations


Community Development

Community Development

Social Enterprises

Social Welfare Organizations


Community Development

Total Charity Sale Revenue



Industry-University Cooperative Project Classes

To provide students in Hsinchu and its vicinity with work opportunities and to cultivate professional engineering talent, WNC started working with the Department of Industrial Management at the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) in 2017 to provide courses for the department’s students. WNC provides dormitories and shuttle buses for the students, and the courses are taught by WNC employees. Students who pass the courses receive tuition subsidies, and designated teachers from CUST are stationed at the WNC dormitories to assist the students.

The recruitment has entered its third year as of 2019, with a total of 122 students recruited. Currently 113 students are employed, with a retention rate of 92.6%. The number of retained students and corresponding retention rates are listed in the table below. The prospective number of students to be recruited in 2020 is 60.

Retention Rate of WNC’s Industry-Academia Partnership Project Classes


( 1st year)

( 2st year)

( 3st year)


Number of students recruited





Number of students retained





Student retention rate