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WNC values the legitimacy and transparency of its corporate operations. Therefore, we seek to perfect our corporate governance system so as to protect shareholders’ interests and enhance stakeholder communications. In addition to complying with RBA regulations, we have also formulated Corporate Social Responsibility Best-Practice Principles, Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles, Ethical Corporate Management Best-Practice Principles, and a Code of Ethical Conduct. Each functional unit in WNC has their own responsibilities in promoting and implementing corporate governance in accordance with WNC policy, and the implementation results are reviewed semi-annually. The Finance Division, the Legal & IP Division, the Human Resources Administration Division, the Quality Assurance Division, the Marketing and Corp. Communication Division, and the RBA Management Committee work together to closely monitor related international proposals and regulations to determine whether we need to update our management guidelines and operational procedures related to corporate governance. The foundation of WNC is a healthy and stable operational environment and we will continue to generate added value for our customers by implementing innovative ideas in our operations management, product development, market promotion, and internal operational procedures. I

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Corporate Governance and the Discrepancies Between Actual Corporate Governance and the “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” and the Reason for the Discrepancy.  PDF
Ethical Corporate Management and the Discrepancies between Actual Ethical Corporate Management and the “Ethical Corporate Management Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” and the Reasons for the Discrepancies PDF