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Corporate Governance

WNC values the legitimacy and transparency of its corporate operations. Principles guiding our policies regarding corporate operations include establishing an efficient corporate management system to protect shareholders’ interests and consolidate communications among interested parties, setting up new rules and taking measures according to continuous amendments of guidelines and customer demands, and paying close attention to related international proposals and regulations to determine whether we need to update existing regulations and procedures. Overall, we are striving to perfect our operations and create added-value for markets and customers with progressive thinking regarding operations management, product development, market promotion, and enhancement of internal-operations procedures.


Board of Directors

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Board of Directors PDF
Board of Directors Diversification Policy PDF



The Audit Committee

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The Audit Committee PDF
Communications Between Independent Directors, Internal Audit Managers, and the CPAs PDF



Remuneration Committee

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Remuneration Committee PDF




Internal Audit

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Internal Audit PDF



Major Internal Policies

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Article of Incorporation PDF
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets PDF
Procedures Governing Endorsements and Guarantees PDF
Procedures Governing Loaning of Funds PDF
Rules and Procedures for Derivative Transactions PDF
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders' Meeting PDF
Audit Committee Charter PDF
Code of Ethical Conduct PDF
Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles PDF
Ethical Corporate Management Best-Practice Principles PDF
Remuneration Committee Charter PDF
Regulations for the Election of Directors PDF
Rules and Procedures of the Board of Directors Meeting PDF
Regulations Governing the Board Performance Evaluation PDF
Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading PDF
Corporate Social Responsibility Best-Practice Principles PDF
Wistron NeWeb Corporation - UK Tax Strategy PDF


Operational Highlights

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Corporate Governance and the Discrepancies Between Actual Corporate Governance and the “Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” and the Reason for the Discrepancy.  PDF
Ethical Corporate Management and the Discrepancies between Actual Ethical Corporate Management and the “Ethical Corporate Management Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies” and the Reasons for the Discrepancies PDF