Investor Relations

  • The Audit Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

WNC has established an audit committee that meets prior to the Board of Directors meeting every quarter to monitor the execution of WNC’s internal controls and important financial and sales behavior and to communicate and interact with CPAs in order to effectively supervise company operations and risk management. The audit committee’s specialized division of duties and independent positions assists the Board of Directors in the execution of its supervisory capacity, raising WNC’s financial standing and credibility. The audit committee is composed of all of the independent directors with at least one member having a specialization in accounting or finance. Terms of office are three years and are renewable. Currently, the committee has four members. Audit committee meetings are held at least once every quarter. In 2020, the committee met four times.

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WNC has established a remuneration committee, responsible for establishing and periodically reviewing the compensation policies, systems, standards, and structure of WNC’s director’s and management’s compensation; as well as evaluating and deciding compensation terms. The remuneration committee meets at least twice a year. However, meetings can also be convened upon request. Committee members must invite the Board Chairman or CEO to attend the meetings. The members of the remuneration committee recuse themselves from meetings if issues to be discussed involve any personal interests of the members. The committee may also request directors, internal auditors, accountants, legal consultants, and other personnel to attend meetings and to provide them with pertinent and necessary information.

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