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WNC Profile

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), established in 1996, is a product design and manufacturing company that provides high-quality services for communications products. WNC offers comprehensive technical support in RF antenna design, software design, hardware design, mechanical design, system integration, user interface development, and product testing & certification. Headquartered in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park, WNC has also established an overseas presence in the USA, the UK, Japan, China, and Vietnam. Together these sites offer complete solutions and local support for customers worldwide.

To satisfy customers’ demands for integrating products using different technologies, WNC offers services for short-/mid-/long-distance consumer, enterprise, industrial, and automotive communications products. For years, WNC has been developing technologies in the fields of network communications, the digital home,  and intelligent driver assistance, and has maintained close relationships with many of the world’s largest companies.

Under the strong leadership of WNC’s management team, WNC has set a number of impressive industrial benchmarks: ranking #1 with 35% of the world’s market share for built-in antennas for laptops, shipping over 300 million units of satellite communications products and digital home products, and topping the list of Taiwan’s satellite communications product-exporting manufacturers. WNC has also maintained a leading position for enterprise-class wireless communications products and serves as the Alpha site of the world’s major chip suppliers. WNC is capable of independently developing automotive-grade wireless modules and 24 GHz/77 GHz/79 GHz high-frequency radar products and is one of the world's major automotive electronics suppliers.

In the IoT era, WNC will continue to expand its technological expertise and service scope in areas including broadband, broadcast, multimedia, the IoT, wireline, and wireless to build application platforms for different technologies. WNC also aims to develop stable and safe high-speed communications systems from WAN to LAN and from the cellular to fiber networks to realize smart living that is safer, more convenient, and more efficient.


WNC’s vision is to become the global leader in wireless technology and network technology integration, providing customers with complete wireless communication solutions and professional communication technology.


Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction with our service quality and shareholder satisfaction with our overall operating performance, assisted by a team organized to enthusiastically and efficiently execute our high value-added business model.

Corporate Culture

Fundamentals Advocacy, Teamwork Cohesion, Customer Trust, and Value Creation are WNC’s core corporate values that steer our corporate culture.

WNC’s Ten Beliefs and Ten Principles of Discipline are meant to remind its employees they must always uphold sincerity, decency, honesty, and law-abiding attitudes to customers, vendors, colleagues, and society in order to facilitate team discipline, enhance organizational efficiency, and maintain a positive corporate image.