WNC provides a variety of exercise and fitness equipment and hosts fitness and dance classes on a regular basis, helping employees strike a balance between work and life.


A 7-Eleven, a fruit bar, and food counters are set up in WNC’s cafeteria, allowing employees to enjoy a balanced diet in a comfortable environment. WNC was also the first company in the Hsinchu Science Park to use organic vegetables in all of its catered meals.

Health Management

Besides complete equipment and building facilities, we know employees’ health and relaxation is of great importance.


WNC’s Employee Welfare Committee has established a number of sports/arts clubs, such as a model club, road running club, weightlifting club, darts club and ball sports clubs. Through regular/ad hoc meetings and activities, these clubs help build employee cohesiveness.


Events celebrating festivals and holidays.

Company Trips

Multiple company trip itineraries are provided.