WNC Honored with 2023 Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award

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WNC Honored with 2023 Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 15, 2023 — WNC has been awarded the 2023 Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award on the back of its strong R&D capabilities and innovative application of technologies. In recent years, WNC has invested an increasing amount of resources in researching and developing next-generation communications technologies, as its R&D expenditure YoY growth rate has jumped from 1.4% in 2020 to 27.9% in 2022. WNC has also put a lot of effort into developing innovative technologies, processes and materials in areas such as 5G, mmWave and Wi-Fi, and as a result WNC has been granted the most patents in the domestic network and communications industry for nine years running, as listed by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office.


In line with the Taiwan government’s key policies on 5G development, WNC has recruited and hired top 5G talent and participated in many 5G R&D projects at home and abroad. Its 5G end-to-end open RAN solutions have passed testing by Taiwan’s National Development Council and the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan, which helped accelerate the implementation of 5G O-RAN POC for customers in manufacturing, healthcare, education and entertainment scenarios. In addition, many of WNC’s 5G products have obtained international certifications for wireless products, passed OTIC interoperability tests and received TIP badges, with the rest to follow soon.


The Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award is an award given by the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau to encourage park enterprises to conduct R&D, obtain patents, protect R&D inventions, improve technological capabilities, and promote industry development. The award is assessed using the following criteria: Amount of R&D expenses and percentage of said expenses to total revenue, number of R&D personnel and the percentage of said personnel within the company, patent portfolios and management strategies relating to key technologies or advanced manufacturing processes, how results in core technology R&D have created innovative products and driven the growth of related industry chains, and achievements in industry-academia collaboration and talent cultivation. WNC was able to distinguish itself from the competition to win this award, giving a big confidence boost to the company's management and R&D teams. WNC will build upon this success and continue to invest resources in the R&D of advanced technologies and innovative applications.  

About WNC

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) is a leading network communications solutions provider headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with annual revenue of US$ 3.5 billion. WNC has an R&D base in Taiwan, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices in Taiwan, Vietnam, China, the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan, and a workforce of over 11,000 employees worldwide. WNC provides whole-range communications solutions covering 5G edge infrastructure, Wi-Fi 6/7, satellite broadband, automotive infotainment, automotive telematics, ADAS and high speed switches, SD-WAN solutions and 5G open RAN devices. Leveraging its expertise in antenna/RF design and system integration, WNC is a key supplier to networking brands, tier-1 telecom operators, automakers, and automotive electronics companies. For more information, please visit: www.wnc.com.tw

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